Monday, 19 May 2008

One of the first ever stories I wrote.

I'm being dragged by their hands into the backroom. The shows over but this ones just beginning!

The door shuts, and hot lips meet mine. Jon’s tongue thrusts into my mouth. I groan.

My backside is pulled back and I'm pressed into Richie’s crotch as he leans against the door. He's hard against my ass. My, but it feels impressive! His mouth runs up the back of my neck. He bites, gently, I moan even more.

Jon is slowly fucking my mouth with his tongue. He grinds his crotch into mine, damn I'm wet. His hands move down and cup both my breast, he squeezes them, and starts to make rubbing circles over my nipples. They both stand to attention, I feel him grin into my mouth, but he continues to kiss me.

Pressed between them, the heat is unreal. Fuck this is unreal! My brain unfreezes, I need to play too. Wicked thoughts fly through my head.

'My turn Jon!' I hear Richie say. Jon releases my mouth, and heads for my neck. Richie turns my head, I see his dark brown eyes nearly black, it makes me shiver, and then his lips clamp down on mine. God I've always been a Richie girl and this is heaven. My arm snakes up and around his head to hold him in place. He releases them a bit, and nibbles on my bottom lip, licking it, suckling on it. God I can feel myself nearly cuming the way he's playing my mouth.

My hand sneaks behind me, to the fly of his jeans, I cup him, and his hands on my hips grip me harder. I stroke him through the material, pressing back as I do. He groans and proceeds to ravage my lips, pushes his dick into my backside. His hands are getting restless and are running up and down my sides, skimming the sides of my breasts.

I buck as Jon suddenly takes my nipples into his mouth, shirt and all. I scream into Richie’s mouth. Jon chuckles and moves to the other breast. I think I died a bit. Richie lets my mouth go free, and his lips attack my neck. I fleetingly wonder how I’ll explain the hickies these men are leaving on me, where they can be seen, and the ones you can’t see!

Jon’s mouth leaves me and I moan in protest, only to gasp as I feel him grab the hem of my t-shirt and he rips it straight up. I shudder; the muscles of his arms bulge out. He pulls the tattered remains off me. I look him in the eye and he flashes me that shit eating grin, flips my bra undone, keeps eye contact with me, and lowers his mouth to my breast. I scream as his hot mouth engulfs my nipple just as Richie sucks hard on my neck.

Jon’s hands move down and grab my ass cheeks and start to massage them. Both men are hot, and panting, but then so am I! Pressed between them, letting them do whatever the hell they wanted to. Heaven!

Richie’s hands are no longer idle. I feel him slowly pulling my skirt, inch by inch up my legs. God I’ve never been happier that I wore this skirt today. When he can feel the flesh of my thighs, his hands start to caress them. His hands feel huge and rough from all the years of playing a guitar. It’s wonderful. As he nears his goal I’m panting. He licks my shoulder and grins. He slows down! Bastard! Achingly he slowly walks his fingers up to the top of my leg, where flesh meets panties. He takes his time, and gently drags his finger along the edge of the panties and downwards into the crease of my thigh. I sag and whimper. Jon catches me, and bites my breast. Richie can feel the heat radiating off me, can feel that my panties are soaked. Jon can smell the musky sent of me and groans, stands straight back up, rips off his shirt, grabs my head and thrusts his tongue back into my mouth. His furred chest presses onto my nipples, just as Richie finally runs his finger under the edge of my panties, and pushes his finger into me and finds my clit.

I pull my head away from Jon and let out a keening scream. Both men laugh. Jon goes back to rubbing his fur over my sensitive nipples. And Richie runs his finger back and forth over my clit! My orgasm hits me with the force of a speeding truck. I black out a little. Richie can feel my juices running over his hand.

I feel Jon’s hands move to my back, the zipper of my skirt goes down, Richie’s fingers move back into me, and push in deeper, and start another slow build in me. He pulls out and I whimper in protest, but I realize Jon’s slipping my skirt and panties down, and follows its decent with his lips. Richie’s hands move from my hips, and slowly cup my breasts. He starts to pull them, tug them; I feel it to my core. He leans down and starts to nibble my ear and neck, then moves to the other side, then back again, affording both ears the same amount of attention.

I hitch a moan as Jon lifts each foot and takes my skirt and panties off. But he leaves on my CFM shoes. Men! Then he works his way back up the inside of my legs, kissing as he goes, they tremble, and Richie anchors me to his chest, still playing with my breasts. Jon finally reaches my dark patch of curls. He kisses the mound, and then gently he parts me. His tongue flicks in, and hits my clit with a feather like touch. I groan and move towards the warmth I feel. He gives a dirty laugh, and looks up into my eyes.

‘You like that darlin?’ I nod. His head descends again. This time he puts his hands on my ass, holds me tight and plunges his tongue onto my clit, licking, flicking and sucking it, soft, then hard. I scream with pleasure and cum again. Hard! He doesn’t let me rest. He pushes one finger into me, and starts to fuck me with it. My hips move on their own accord. Then he pushes in two more, and I go wild. I moan, scream and sob. I want more! NOW! Richie laughs in my ear and blows in it. Jon continues to lick me and pump his fingers into me, slowly now.

‘Patience is a virtue.’ He quotes still laughing in my ear.

‘You can fuck patience if you want; I want someone to fuck me NOW! Richie laughs harder. If feel his chest rumbling with it, the git. Jon stands, his fingers still gently working me. He looks at Richie over my shoulder.

‘Wanna turn her around?’ He grins and kisses me, I taste myself on him. I get all hot again.

‘If you stop finger fucking her, then yeah, we can switch.’ Desire seems to thicken Richie’s voice.

They both laugh, and Jon pulls his hand out of me and I feel desolate. Between them they turn me around. I’m now facing the man of my dreams, well the main man of my dreams! I look up into his eyes; they’re jet black with lust. I want that lust pointed all at me.

‘Hey lil darlin.’ He leans forward and slips his tongue into my mouth. Then he pulls back, ‘Baby you taste good on your lips.’ I blush realizing that Jon kiss was still on and in my mouth, and where he’d had it. He leans back in, his tongue darting into my mouth. I throw my arms around his neck and anchor myself to him. My hands play with his hair, god it’s soft! I catch hold of his marauding tongue and suck on it. He groans and his hands move to my ass and squeeze my cheeks, then released them. He wraps his arms around me and I feel like I’m home.

Jon’s no slouch. He’s on his knees behind me, and his mouth takes over from Richie’s hands. He nibbles and bites my ass. His hand sneaks up between my legs and his fingers slip back into me and resume their ministration as he kisses the middle of my back. I never realize how erotic that could be.

I move my hands down Richie’s shirt and undo the snaps. I push it off his arms, he lets me go and the shirt falls to the floor. God his chest is wonderful. I lean forward and gently flick my tongue over one of his nipples. He throws his head back and moans, his Adams apple bobs up and down. Hmmm, I raise myself onto my tiptoes and gently lick it. Then I start to suck on it.

‘Holy fuck woman, you’re gonna set me off doing that.’ He gently grabs my hair and pulls me away from his throat. I smile, wickedly. Then groan as Jon leans around me and licks the side of my breast. God I feel dizzy. Jon stands, his chest to my back, his dick digging into my ass! I’m chest to Richie’s chest, his dick digging into me.

I start to chuckle, then laugh. The guys are stunned. They ask what’s wrong. ‘Nothing, it’s just that your fans, me included, have always wondered what it’d be like to be the mic in the middle of a Jon and Richie sandwich.’ I start to laugh again, the guys start to chuckle. ‘Now I know, hot!’

‘Well Jon how’d you like being compared to a slice of bread?’ Richie chuckles and his chest rubs mine. My breathing hitches.

‘Well Rich if there’s filling like this to be had, then hell I’m all for it!’ He laughs to!

I look up into Richie’s eyes, and the laughter goes out of them to be replaced by lust. His hands cup my breast and he leans down and kisses the tops of each one, before he sucks the nipple of one right into his hot, greedy mouth. I feel myself getting wet again, and standing on the precipice of another orgasm! It’s just out of reach.

Jon’s now at my neck, he chuckles with what he sees there, and then carries on adding to the hickies himself, while caressing my ass.

Richie looks me in the eye. ‘I want to be in you, now! My hand moves to his belt, and slowly undoes it; I open each and every button that I find. Caressing what I uncover. Little strips of heaven. Naughty man, no underwear, I grin, and gently run the tip of my nail over his head and swirl the pre cum over it. Richie jerks and his breath hisses threw his teeth. I push his jeans down as far as I can with Jon still attached to my back. I bump Jon away with my ass, and he lets go and stands back.

I drop to my knees, and pull his jeans lower and his cock springs free. Damn it’s huge! I swallow hard. I feel myself begin to throb from just looking at him. I wrestle his jeans down the rest of his legs. I run my hand up under the bottom of his jeans to find the zips of his cowboy boots. I take them off, throw them across the room, and yank his jeans off.

I waste no time, I raise myself till I’m level with his cock, grasp hold of him, making him hiss again, and gently kiss the tip of him, licking the pre cum off the tip and fondle his balls. His hands go to my hair. But I laugh and pull back. He gets a pissy look. ‘Sorry sweetie, can’t leave Jonny here half dressed, wouldn’t be polite. And I turn around, still on my knees, and grin a Jon, who returns the grin and moves towards me go I can reach him.

I raise my hand to his chest, and flick one of his nipples, his eyes darken and his chest heaves as he inhales. I walk my finger down his happy trail. Moving over each rib, all the way down to his obliques, I lick them till they disappear into his jeans. His breath is coming quicker, and I can see his cock pulsing through his jeans. I open his jeans just like I had Richie’s. He didn’t have any underwear on either and his cock jumps out at me. I lean and kiss his head and run my tongue down the shaft. It twitches. I snicker.

Again I pull his jeans down, and undo his boots, ride em cowboy, springs to mind, as they sail across the room to, followed by his jeans.

‘Well, what’s a girl going to do with the two of you?’ I grinned evilly, but so did they, one dark haired God of my dreams, the other, a blonde Adonis. Their dicks stand lovingly to attention, light and dark salute me. I make them stand side by side. They grinned even more, till I take a cock in each hand. I wiped the grin off their faces by slowly stroking both shafts up and down. I leaned over and thrust my tongue in Jon’s mouth. He dueled with mine, hot fast and furious. My hands speeded up. Both of them bucked. Jon’s hand starts to play with my breast. I moan, pulling away from him. Turing Richie met my kiss head on. He grabs my head with one hand, forcing me to stay for the assault, teeth clashing; tongues trying to get into the others mouth and stay there.

Jon’s mouth replaces his hand. Richie’s hand moves down as he kisses me. It snakes its way down my body and he plunges three fingers into my boiling hot core. They both lock their other hands around me to keep me from falling. The sensations they’re making are slowly driving me insane. Jon’s hot greedy mouth moves from one breast to the other and back again, diverting occasionally to my neck and ear. His tongue runs around my ear, he blows in it. Goosebumps spread like wildfire all over my body. He butts Richie’s head and takes over fucking my mouth with his.

All three of us are breathing heavy. All that can be heard in the room, is panting, gasping, and moaning. And of course the occasional scream.

‘Sweetheart, we need to finish this off. I’m nearly there, and I want to be in you.’ Richie says in my ear. My hands still on both men, and they take deep breaths to try and calm down. Both of them stop playing with me. I feel the loss and the heat. They grin at one another and in unspoken words they move so once again I’m sandwich between them. I moan. I can feel both their cocks pressing into me. They place their hands on my hips.

‘Ok, how we going to work this? Who gets to go first?’ Jon asks.

‘Why does anyone need to go first?’ I say raising an eyebrow.

Both men suck in their breaths. ‘You mean?’ Rich stutters.

I turn around still cocooned by them. I look him straight in the eye. ‘Rich I’ve wanted you for years, in me, deep in me.’ I look over my shoulder at Jon. ‘And you, well, I want to be on my knees for you.’ Jon looks astounded.

They drop their hands. I turn and push Jon onto the couch. He sits, hard. I drop to my knees in front of him, the shit eating grin returns in full as he reaches out and grabs my breasts, leaning forward and mouthing the nipples. Heat pools again for me.

I glance over my shoulder at Rich. ‘Well?’ He’s staring at me. Then he gets a big goofy grin, and kneels behind me. He kisses my shoulders.

I push Jon back into the couch. I lean over and kiss him once, then nibble my way down his rock hard furry chest, down his abs, till there, nestled in dark hair is his cock. I look at him and lick my lips. He groans. Then I kiss him, I lick the pre cum off him. I trail kisses all the way down his shaft. I reach his balls. I fondle them then take each one into my mouth, tugging on them. His hips rise off the couch, his heads thrown back, and his eyes closed.

Meanwhile Rich isn’t idle. He caresses my ass, watching as I work my way down Jon. He pushes his cock down and rubs it between my thighs, never actually entering me. My mind melts, he’s huge. He can feel my wetness falling onto him. He leans forward and places a kiss at the base of my spine. His hand goes between my legs and finds my clit. He rubs it once, and then moves his hand away, I moan in protest, his hand moves back. This time as he plays with my clit, I take Jon into my mouth, he draws back and thrusts into me. I scream around Jon’s cock, he yells as the vibrations from my throat hit him hard!

Richie pulls nearly all the way out, and then slowly pushes back in, his dick stretching me to my full width. His hand leaves me, and both grab onto my hips, and holds onto me as once again he pulls out. This time he slams straight back into me, his thrust nearly lifts me off the floor. He grinds his hips into my ass, getting as far into me as he can. He then sets a slow torturous pace. White light fills my eyes and brain.

Jon’s hand is on the back of my head, I’m deep throating him. The head of his penis hits the back of my throat. God he’s well packaged. They both are. I pull my head back up so I’m nibbling is head. His hands tighten on my hair, urging me to take him all back in. He looks down at the head in his lap and wonders how in hell they got this lucky. It had been years since they fucked the same woman, at the same time. He glances towards Rich, who is grinning at him as he slowly pounds into this woman.

Jon feels his orgasm coming hard and fast ‘Shit, I’m gonna cum.’ Richie stills. She deep throats him again and sucks hard. The veins on his neck stands out as he thrusts up and pumps every last drop into her hot mouth. He looks down at her as she lets him slowly slide out of her mouth. She makes sure she’s got every last drop off him, licking her lips; she leans in and kisses him.

‘Mmm you taste wonderful!’ He kisses her again.

She’s pulled backwards by Richie, so she’s plastered to him. Looking over her shoulder, he lowers his head and gently kisses her. Again her hand sneaks up into his hair to hold him there. He dips his fingers into her wetness again. She groans into his mouth.

‘Well darlin, I think it’s our turn to cum. What’d you say?’ He grins down at her.

‘Hell yes please. But I want you on top of me!’ I’m begging with my eyes.

I feel him pull out of me, the space is empty and cold, but not for long. He motions for Jon to move. I lie down on the couch, and spread my legs for him. He licks his lips. He crawls over me, kissing as he goes. Finally he’s lying over me, pressing me into the couch. God he feels so good! He pushes my hair out of my eyes, and then gently kisses my eyes closed. He kisses my cheeks, nose and finally my lips. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. His lips whisper across mine. I open my eyes and see the loving glow in his, as he gently slips into me again. My hips rise to meet him. He moves so he’s up on his hands. The pace he starts is slow. I reach my hands down and grab his ass.

‘For god’s sake Rich, harder, faster, please!’ I’m begging him here.

‘What the lady wants, the lady will get.’ He grins, kisses me and then starts to hammer into me. My legs anchor themselves around his hips. And I hang on for dear life. I feel him push as far as he can get. He’s getting faster and faster, pushing in me harder and harder. My mind is swimming; I fly over the edge, as an orgasm smashes into me. I shout and arch my back straining for the release. I hear a shout and Richie follows me over, as my insides milk him for everything he’s got. He collapses on top of me, kissing me.

We hear a groan, and look over towards Jon. It seems he liked to watch because he’s just jerked himself off into a towel. He opens his eyes and looks towards us, and grins sheepishly. ‘Well you put on a great show; I didn’t want to waste it!’ We all laugh.

Richie turns onto his side and moves to the back of the couch, and pulls me back into his embrace. Wrapping his arm over my waist, he snuggles into me, throwing his leg over mine, trapping me.

‘Hey, I feel left out.’ Jon pouts, he looks so damn cute!

‘Come on, I think we can squeeze you on.’ I tell him, patting the couch, and scooting back even more into Richie’s arm.

Jon lies down in front of me, pillowing his head on his arm, the other arm linking over Richie’s. My arm slips over his waist, and I finally do something every Jonny woman wants to do, squeeze that taught, pert ass of his. I grin from ear to ear. Jon crowds in closer and gently kisses me.

‘Well that was what you call a hell of a welcome to England.’ Jon snickers. I feel Richie’s chest shaking at my back.

‘Yeah Kidd, I think I could like being the bread in this sorta sandwich.’ They both grin like loons.

With that in mind the boys fall asleep on the couch. The show, then this work out has worn them out. I gently disengage myself from them, they both snore, and grunt as I carefully work my way off the couch. I dress quickly, grabbing Richie’s shirt and putting it on, smelling him on it. It huge and could easily make me a dress. I whip Jon’s belt out of his jeans and use it over the top to hold it in place, can’t find my panties anywhere! Ah well. I look at them lying there, and I stop myself from crawling back onto that couch. I stifle a laugh as I realize they’ve cuddled up to one another. God love to be a fly on the wall when they wake up.

I lean over the arm of the couch and gently kiss Jon’s head, and then lean further and kiss Richie on the lips. He sighs in his sleep. As I walk out I pick up Richie’s sunglasses. Hey they wrecked my shirt and me between them, fairs fair! I grab Jon’s skull and cross bone bandana. I chuckle to myself.

I open the door, turn and take one last look at them. Am I making a mistake in leaving? Who knows!

I close the door, and walk down the corridor. A door opens and Obie walks out. He gives me a look as to say where I was going. I smile at him. I stop take out a pen and a business card out of my bag. I scrawl my mobile number on the back and hand it to him.

‘Do me a favor, if, and only if they ask for me, give them this?’ And hand him the card. I lean over and peck him on the cheek. ‘Thanks for letting me backstage Obie, it was a blast!’ And start to walk away.

‘Hey, what’s your name?’

‘If they want to know, they can phone me.’ I wink and carry on walking.